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11yo Preteen Torrent [2022-Latest]




"what is more important, discipline or praise"? The answer: discipline. Praise is a reward for a job well done; discipline is a means of correcting a bad behavior. Discipline may result in a punishment, but it is not limited to a punishment. No one wants a child who acts out (talks back, argues, fights, bullies, disrespects, tears up, interrupts). If you can't find other ways to deal with the behavior, you can give a consequence, such as time-out or a consequence (parental punishment). Don't punish with a time-out; that's a form of discipline. Don't punish with the consequence. Also, discipline and punishment are not the same. You can discipline your child in a way that is not cruel or inhumane. Give a consequence that is needed and workable, but don't be a sadist or the object of your child's cruelty. This is torture and will only make him more likely to be cruel in the future. The only one in the family who can learn how to punish in a way that is not cruel or inhumane is the parent. Pushing, hitting, yelling, or verbally abusing will not teach your child to discipline, it will teach your child to be cruel. Even a stern, unhappy look will not teach your child to discipline, it will teach your child to react poorly to your discipline. Most parents feel that the best form of discipline is to give a consequence and then enforce the consequence. Some kids will get upset, even very upset, when they are disciplined. That's fine. Let him know you won't tolerate any bullying or destruction of property, but there will be consequences for unacceptable behavior. ## The Parent-Child Relationship ## Chapter Nine The bond between you and your child is very powerful and special. He loves you and you love him, but this relationship is not without its problems. It is not an easy relationship, it will not last forever, and it will not get better unless you put some work in. Work does not mean that you have to spend all your free time working on your relationship with your child. Work means that you take your responsibility as a parent seriously and that you work at the relationship. You work with your child in learning and in growing. You work on your attitude toward your child and you work on your feelings toward your child. If you are not working on your attitude toward your child, if you are not working on




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11yo Preteen Torrent [2022-Latest]

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