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From the series - Our one world

Summit is a large rectangular 120 cm x 80 cm abstract painting from my 2021 series ‘Our one world’. This series is inspired by our land, our skies and our oceans.

Inspired by Los Cuernos, or “the Horns,” this region is part of the Paine Massif in Patagonia. Summit is inspired by the calmness, remoteness and untouched beauty of Patagonia. Strong winds, rugged valleys, a sense of being. That emotion, that feeling of remoteness, a person in awe, is precious.

Patagonia is one of our world’s last true wildernesses. It is a region of vast windswept plain,  jagged mountain peaks, lakes that blend with the timeless dance of clouds in the sky. It is a place that inspires.

Summit is highly textured, offers many layers of tactile points of interest and sweeping strokes suggesting deep ridges and valleys. It is an expressive combination of deep greys, rich blacks and metallics with gold accents. 

Mixed media on canvas
Approx 120 cm x 8 cm x 5 cm
Framing and shipping can be arranged, pls contact us for a discussion. 

  • Shipping and framing

    Delivery is free within Singapore. 

    International shipping and packing is available, please contact us for a quote. 

    Framing is not included in the price. 

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