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Love Blooms Here

Love Blooms Here

From the 2023 series - Bloom where you are planted

Love blooms here is a medium work approximately 102 cm x 153 cm x 4 cm abstract painting from my 2023  series ‘Bloom where you are planted’. This series is inspired by the rustling forestscapes, spring blooms of flowers and all things blooming in the wild.


Inspired by the beauty of Singapore's Green Corridor and all the lush forestscapes I encounter in the mornings. Fresh morning sunlight filtering through from the leaves above, soft glow permeating through the woods, this series seeks to remind everyone to slow down and take in the beauty. You will bloom where you are. 

Acrylic paint on canvas
Approx 102 cm x 153 cm x 4 cm
Light Oak Frames in the images are purely for reference only. Painting are delivered unframed. 

Framing and shipping can be arranged, pls contact us for a discussion. 

  • Shipping and framing

    Delivery is free within Singapore. 

    International shipping and packing is available, please contact us for a quote. 

    Framing is not included in the price. 

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