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Sat 11 JAN 2020 10am - 1230pm

This 2.5 hour workshop is perfect for beginners, no prior painting experience is needed. Suitable for ages 12 years old and above. Workshop is conducted by Hadassah of @hadasityart

Always wanted to explore the beauty and dynamism of abstract art? In this workshop, we will be use artist grade acrylics and mediums and show you how to compose, paint and create your own beautiful masterpiece for your home! 

Min 4 sign-ups to start the workshop. You will receive a full refund should we have to cancel the workshop. 


What you will learn:

  • Be guided on how to compose, complement colours and create your own abstract masterpiece
  • Introduction to artist grade acrylic paints and mediums
  • Demonstration on various brush strokes and styles
  • Learning composition, how to create a sense of balance, colour palettes

All materials included:

  • Artist grade acrylic paints, brushes, paint mediums
  • 24 x 30 inch canvas stretched on wood ( Ready to be hung on your wall ! )

About the Artist:


Hadassah sees herself as a  life giving artist that has been commissioned to call out the gold and creativity in everyone. She believes that there is an innate ability to paint in every single person as long as they are given a chance to pause, breathe and explore the parts of them they did not realize were there in them.

She has been creating abstract wiring art jewelry and teaching people how the different turns of events and wires in your life could turn out unexpectedly beautiful and has now also included abstract painting as one of the creative avenues she hopes that she can ignite the passion in others for - not knowing where you are going but trusting your intuition with colors and movements.


She is a self taught artist who has been painting for the past 6 years more consistently since she moved to New York City where she lived at and had 2 daughters, 5 years ago. She has recently settled down back in Singapore and is ready to share her stories in paint and wire all over again as a new season breathes upon her with life!


When she lived in New York City, she attended abstract painting classes at the National Museum and School of Art for 2 terms. It was when she was surrounded by fellow artists there, painting together in the studios 3 times a week and visiting museums, that her appreciation and growth for abstract painting really grew roots into the depths of her creative expression.


She hopes that through the workshops she teaches, she would be able to impart to you that same excitement for the love of abstract painting and help you discover how you can make beautiful art while discovering yourself and bring life to your soul.

The class size is kept small to allow a more engaging experience. We encourage you to practice your strokes, your washes and enjoy a calm session in our studio. 


      Purchased sessions are non-refundable. If you are unable to attend, and want to transfer the session to your friend, go right ahead! We ask that you contact us at 8111 4833 to keep us informed. This will allow us to welcome your friend and call them by the right name and keep them updated on any changes, if any.