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Photo 26-3-22, 13 35 35 (1).heic



Focusing on fluid, layered washes of colour, my paintings are also layers of impasto and intuitive mark making. Textural details, soothing colours and emotive textures are conversations I leave on the canvas.


Active swaths of colours are balanced with reflective marks and prints to convey calm and peace inspired by nature. As an avid environmental lover and natural geography graduate, my passion to capture the beauty of our natural environment led me to photography and painting. 


Who inspires me?

The collective and relentless environmental work of heroes such as Paul Nicklen, Cristina Mittermeier & Jimmy Chin. Their adventures & their relentless pursuit to conserve and capture precious moments of our natural landscape inspire me.

“I am moved by our natural environment; the oceans, the fjords, the mountains, the valleys. I build layers on layers of texture to convey peace and appreciation for our lands, the immensity of our world and to express its colours and beauty.”

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